Ben will be visiting December 10, 2013 and give a presentation on his year abroad.

Dear Ben:

I enjoyed your report and hearing stories fro Brenda Fulton's visit with you last month.  You are a terrific young man.   :)

Please look at your schedule when you return to Alaska.   May we kindly suggest that you please present to our Wasilla Sunrise Rotary Club on Dec. 10th or 17th?   You are welcome to stay in our "Rotary room" at our home the day(s) before the Tuesday morning meeting.   Thoughts?

May we please publish excerpt of your report in our newsletter?   Thanks, Dan

Hello All -

My year as an Ambassadorial Scholar has come to an end! I cannot believe how quickly it went. It helped that I kept busy, as you will see at the end of my report in my abbreviated activity/travel log. 

Thank you all for your advice, time, help and general goodwill and support in this last year. I cannot put into words how grateful I am to have had this experience; I can only hope to pay it forward in whichever way I can in the coming years.


To my friends in Germany: thank you for a wonderful year! I look forward to seeing you in Germany and Alaska in the future.

To my Alaskans: I am already looking forward to presenting to Rotary Clubs in Alaska about my time in Germany. I have lots of pictures, and maybe I can even arrange some Franconian beer tastings.

All the Best,

Ben Woodland

Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar, 2012-13

Soldotna, USA - Bayreuth, Germany