Just heard from Ken.  He said the distribution went GREAT ! ! ! ! ! ! !  They distributed 180 wheelchairs.  The Ecuadorian Indians that live in the mountains couldn't make it down due to the Volcano.  The Bishop of the Catholic Church (along with his priests) determined who needed chairs.  He said it was just like in the video.  He shared one story of an elderly woman being carried in a sling to the distribution point and being placed in her chair.  He's been staying with the former president of Ecuador (his new friend) and she had a television crew there and will provide us with a copy of the tape.  We plan to share during the Rotary meeting on Tuesday, July 15th.

He's had a few other adventures while there so plan on a long meeting on the 15th.  He did mention something about "crazy drivers", I guess 80 is the normal speed on winding mountainous roads.

Miss all of you.

Donna (and Ken in absentia)

Donna & Ken Conrad  - Sunrise Rotarians