RYLA 2015 is scheduled for April 23-26 (Thursday-Sunday) at Kings Lake Camp in Wasilla. All the information, registration dates, guidelines, forms and registrar’s contact information can be found on the District 5010 Club Runner under the page “RYLA for Rotarians. This information should be forwarded on to the members of your club that will lead in the recruitment of 10th/11th grade students and adult chaperones.

Wasilla Sunrise RYLA Director is Debbie Bushnell. Team committee; Debbie Bushnell, Jackie Marvel, Trish Keown 

RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) is a 3.5 day academy that focuses on building leadership within our youth community. It is one of the most effective New Generations service programs that Rotary offers. It happens by clubs members reaching out into the community, often through school counselors and administrators, to recruit students with great leadership potential and sending them to this coordinated event. Students who may benefit most from RYLA maybe have not yet had leadership opportunities presented to them. RYLA is a game changer. Each year a handful previous RYLA participants return as Alumni to help with the event and share their experiences which showcases the impact of the program. If you know of a 10th or 11th grade student that would be a interested in attending RYLA, please direct them to the website above for more information and a registration form. All candidates will be reviewed and chosen by the RYLA committee based on the registration form. 


If you have business advertising items that you would like to donate to fill the backpacks given to the students such as snacks, gadgets, water bottles, frisbees, notepads, etc... please let us know. If you are able to give monetarily so that we can purchase specifics, that would be nice also. We will be giving out awards and possibly door prizes. Thank you!