Rose Delivery Day is Tuesday, April 26, 2016 - There will be no meeting that day.
We will pick up our roses between 7am & 8am
at 2901 E Bogard Road in the back of the building where Blinds Unlimited is.

Rose Sale review: 
Note: There is no space on rose form for the cvc# (3 digit code on back of card)... Please fill in rose form completely and add this very important detail! 
Forms are available from PE Matt Stielstra or at our meetings. We are committed as a club to sell 450 dozen roses.
The delivery day is scheduled April 26, 2016 during Administrative Assistants week and are $30 per dozen.
We receive the long stem roses in boxes and they are one dozen wrapped in plastic with a little baby's breath. There will be red roses as well as a variety of other colors.
There are no multi-colored dozens.
Each Rotarian is responsible for completing the forms with all pertinent information. There is a 3-part form. Pink copy for customer, Yellow for you and White (most clear)  for our treasurer.
Please turn in all monies to Don as you receive.
There is a place on form to record how your money was received.
Phone numbers and delivery instructions are important too, especially if someone else is going to be helping you deliver your roses. 
Adding these details because the day of delivery is usually a little frenzied and having your paperwork filled out and money ready will ensure everyone gets in and out of there quickly. 
Bring a bucket or two with a little water in each to keep your roses fresh in transport.
Please be mindful of keeping your roses cool!  We want our customers to receive their roses fresh so they are inclined to buy next year.