News from Lara -

Life here in beautiful switzerland is great. I'm on springbreak right now, well let's call it studybreak. I have my finals in a few weeks. Finally done with school. In August I'm going to start my appreticeship in Baden as a Kids and Youth worker and I am super excited. I am going to work there for 12 months and after that I might go to university to study "sociocultural animation" (I don't know if that is a real term in englisch haha but that is what we call it.)

Sadly I have not been playing hockey this winter. My team split up and i haven't been able to find a new one. I got asked to play for a team in Zurich but that is too far away and takes to much time besides school, studying and so on. But I started playing floorball in Baden, that is fun, the team is nice, coaches are great and I found out that I am pretty good at it. I do miss the ice though. I only went skating maybe 10 times this winter. But I spent a lot of time on the slopes, skiing, snowboarding and teaching the kids. Since I didnt have any games on the weekends I was able to go to the alps every second weekend or so. So that was great. 

I'm still in Rotaract, we've been doing some great social activities. Right now we have a lot to do with a project at the "Badenfahrt" which is a big festival in Baden.  All the companies and clubs around build a bar, or restaurant or whatever in the streets of Baden. For ten days there will be no traffic but party all day and night with concerts, funfairs and much more. We are sponsored by our local Rotaryclubs to build our own restaurant/dancefloor/bar/takeaway which is called RobinFood. We are going to spend all the income to a foundation called "Vision Tibet" they make surgery for cataract in Tibet possible. 

It is really great to be able to do something good with great friends. And i am learning a lot by being a Rotaractor. 

I'm looking forward to hear from you.

All the best  

Lara Rüfenacht