The Following is a string of emails from Candace. Please read through. 
Good morning Candace, 
I hope this email finds you well! 
After meeting with the family aid team this week, we have decided that the family of Mercedes and Carlos (FA-317) may be a good match for you and the rotary group who will be supporting. 
Here is a little summary of the family:
Doña Mercedes and don Carlos head the Coj Salpor Family. The family was absolutely devastated when Carlos was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer--since then, he has had to receive chemotherapy. After each session, he is very weak and unable to swallow solid foods. The doctors have recommended he drink milk to keep him as strong and healthy as possible. This is an extremely arduous treatment he is receiving, which leaves him debilitated, so it is important for him to receive Ensure so as not to become malnourished.
Neither Carlos nor Mercedes are able to work, Carlos because of his cancer treatment and Mercedes because she must care for the family's home and children. 
There are 2 children currently needing sponsorship, little Oscar Alexander (3051) and Yenifer Paola (3394). These children are in grades 4 and 1st respectively. 
The family currently are sharing a one room house on the in-laws land, between 9 family members and you can barely move around the place where they all sleep. Luckily at the back of this, they have a small piece of land which they own and we could build a place on. I think this would make a huge impact on their lives, especially considering Carlos' debilitating illness. It would be wonderful if we could build a bedroom specifically for Carlos to give him some privacy whilst going through treatment. 
We have not yet done a budget for the house but usually 2 rooms, a kitchen and bathroom is around $10 000. This would of course vary depending on materials, dimensions and their land. If you are interested in fund-raising for this, please let us know and we will send our construction team out to do an evaluation and proposal. I have copied our coordinator Amy, who will provide more information on this if you decide to pursue this option.
I provide you with some photos here, and if you would like to sponsor one or two of the children, this is $360 per year.  Here is a little information about the two kids who need sponsors:
Yenifer Paola (3394) is the youngest pictured in the family photo. She is in 1st grade this year and was born on March 12, 2008. Her favourite subject is math and she loves playing with dolls. 
Oscar Alexander (student #3051) was born on January 29, 2005. He is in 4th grade in 2015. Like his sister, his favourite subject is also math. He also loves the colour green and playing soccer in his free time. Oscar is pictured below with his school backpack when he came in to receive school supplies at the beginning of the year.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon, this is such an exciting opportunity that you have proposed, so thank you! 
Have a wonderful week and please don't hesitate to contact me with any further concerns or questions. 
Hello Candace, 
I just wanted to share with you a photo we took when we visited the family's home 2 weeks back, unfortunately everyone was not home so it is only some of the family members.
Also, I have a small update to share with the rotary club.
Don Carlos has not been able to work for 2 months which has been very hard on the family, although in his condition you would hope that he would not have to be looking for work but unfortunately this is not the case.
Two of the other children who are no longer in our program Carlos (22 years) and Gerardo (21 years) have recently started working and earning a little money for the family. Carlos is working in a small store while Gerardo weaves. Due to this the family has been able to move forward in the last few months, with the sons taking out a large loan amounting to $4800 and constructing a kitchen.
The family is currently in 2 rooms but are extremely concerned as an aunt who has inherited half of the current house is coming this month and the family will be forced back into a single room with just 2 beds in disrepair.
They are also worried about the rainy season as the path to the house is prone to slide and needs to be fixed.

They wish to thank you for sponsoring the children and assisting with medical aid for Don Carlos, it is a huge relief for the family.
We were wondering what your plan going forward would be regarding the rotary club's support? We believe that now the sons have found work this family is in better shape, especially with the education of their children now covered and medical care for Don Carlos. Considering this, we would like to know if you would be interested in dividing your support between this family and another? If you are, we have a number of families who are in extremely critical cases right now who are waiting for a home and I will provide you with information. 
The other question was whether you have explored further whether the group was instead interested in a larger infrastructure project or another community project such as water filter or improved fuel-efficient stove distribution? If they are interested in this, we are currently in the process of working out the final details of a range of exciting community projects and I can send you details depending on the parameters of your support.
If you could let me know your intentions soon that'd be wonderful! 
Have a great day and thank you for all your generosity, we are so looking forward to working with you further!  
Thank you for the information.  I am so very excited to be able to be a part of the "Mayan Families" Family, again.  
My family will sponsor the two children. I would like to see them through to graduation.  When does the school year start?  
I am trying to tell from the photos, but am unsure how many children they have?  Is Don Carols in the photo? Who is paying for the Ensure now?  I know that is very expensive. 
The Rotary Club in Alaska is a great group.  We will work with other Rotary clubs in Alaska and work towards gathering the funds for a home.  
I sent the 500$ check to the address you sent with "Erica will choose sponsor family"
Hope this finds you well!  
Erica Berthelsen
General Family Aid Coordinator
Mayan Families 
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