this week
Arnaud Bollens, Exchange Student
Tomorrow's meeting will feature a Youth Exchange Presentation by our very own, Arnaud Bollens, from Belgium.
Greeter: Trish Keown
Pledge of Allegiance: Trish Keown
"Be the Inspiration:" 
Sgt. at Arms: 
Rotary Reboot Topic: Member Survey Results
Outbound for hire
Outbound Exchange Student, Sam Jones, is available for hire to help finance his youth exchange trip. 
Contact Dan Kennedy to get in touch with Sam!
In case you missed it
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changing of the guard

A wonderful annual Changing of the Guard Banquet took place last week at Settlers Bay where the gavel was passed from Janet Kennedy to Jason Marvel.
Thank you, Janet, for all your work! And good luck, Jason, as you begin your tenure as president!
Outgoing President Janet Kennedy & Incoming President Jason Marvel

rotarian of the month

President Janet Kennedy recognized Jason Marvel as her last Rotarian of the Month, for his advice and input during her presidency.

upcoming speakers

Arnaud Bollen
Student Exchange Presentation
Jackie Johnson
Wasilla High Music Program
Rhys Allen
Youth Exchange Presentation
Events & Fellowship
City of Wasilla
4th of  July Community Picnic
Pirate Joke of the week
Q: Why is pirating so addictive?

A: They say once ye lose yer first hand, ye get hooked!

Rotary around the valley

Tuesdays @ 7 AM
Meridian Point Bldg.
865 N. Seward-Meridian Pkwy., Wasilla
Wednesdays @ 12 PM
The Grill @ the Grandview Hotel, Wasilla
Thursdays @ 12 PM
Turkey Red Banquet Room, Palmer
Wednesdays @ 6 PM
The Sky Lounge @ the Extreme Fun Center, Wasilla
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