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Maile Johnston
Join us tomorrow as we welcome Miss Alaska, Maile Johnston. Come learn about her and the work she's doing for her social impact campaign - A Case for Hope.
Greeter: Tasha Talvi
Pledge of Allegiance: Debbie Bushnell
Invocation: Judy Tebow
Sgt. at Arms: Melvin Sage-EL
November: Rotary Foundation MOnth
The Rotary Foundation is recognized as one of the most effective and well-managed charitable organizations in the world, with 12 consecutive four-star ratings from Charity Navigator and an A-plus rating from CharityWatch.
To learn more about the impact of the Rotary Foundation visit their website.
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rotarian of the month

President Jason Marvel presented his Rotarian of the Month award to Mr. Dan Kennedy. Thank you, Dan, for all that you do for our community and Rotary!

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Pirate Joke of the week

Q: How much does it cost for a pirate to get his ears pierced?

A: A buccaneer.

Rotary around the valley

Tuesdays @ 7 AM
Meridian Point Bldg.
865 N. Seward-Meridian Pkwy., Wasilla
Wednesdays @ 12 PM
Everett's, Wasilla 
Thursdays @ 12 PM
Turkey Red Banquet Room, Palmer
Wednesdays @ 6 PM
The Sky Lounge @ the Extreme Fun Center, Wasilla
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