Veteran Spotlight - U.S. Army Veteran James Hastings: 

I am proud to introduce the most recent edition of my Veteran Spotlight featuring Wasilla resident James Hastings, a U.S. Army veteran who served 22 years in the Infantry and later in both the Army Reserves and Alaska National Guard.  Hastings continues to serve our great nation through his dedication to the battle wounded and battle weary in Alaska and beyond.

When he was only 17-years-old, Hastings felt the tug of service, as he decided to carry on the tradition of military service in his family that began during the Civil War.  Hastings was assigned to the elite 82ndAirborne Division and trained all over the world, including Germany during the time the Berlin Wall came down.  Upon returning stateside, Hastings was stationed in Alaska at Fort Richardson. In all his years of active duty Army Infantry, Hastings says it was difficult never seeing active duty combat – something he says “one must come to grips with.”

(Click on image for an excerpt of James talking about having to heal himself before he could help heal others, CLICK HERE for the extended interview).

Today, Hastings has devoted his life to helping other military members and veterans in his role as the Alaska Employment Transition Coordinator for the Department of Defense’s Hero 2 Hiredprogram, and as the Director of Operations for Alaska’s Healing Hearts, a local non-profit.

I invite you to watch James tell his story – how he proudly stepped up to serve our country and the devotion he has for helping his fellow soldiers and veterans. If you have a family member or friend in the community you think has a story to share, email me atSpotlight@Murkowski.Senate.Gov.