Awards for clubs - Guidelines for Clubs to receive the Presidential Citation

2012-13 Presidential Citation  
Nominators: District governors
31 March 2013 -- Clubs to submit completed forms to their district governor for certification
15 April 2013 -- District governors to report the names of qualifying clubs in Member Access Portal 

The 2012-13 Presidential Citation will recognize Rotary clubs that achieve an array of accomplishments that help them become stronger, deliever effective service, and enhance their public image. Rotaract and Interact clubs can also qualify for a citation.    

Significant Achievement Award  
Nominators: District governors
Deadline: 15 March

Presidential recognition of a club activity which addresses a significant problem or need in the community. A district selects one project and submits nomination to RI. A president-appointed selection committee evaluates nominations.

Recognition of Smaller Club Membership Growth  
Nominators: District governors
Deadline: 16 May - 30 June

This district-level award offers an incentive to clubs that fall below the charter requirement of 20 members by recognizing the challenges and achievements of small clubs.

RI Membership Development and Extension Award -- MDEA  
Nominators: District governors
Deadline: Beginning 15 May, district governors submit recognition forms to RI.

This district-level certificate program recognizes membership growth in existing clubs, retention of current club members, and the organization of new clubs. Districts that meet their membership goals are also recognized.

RI Recognition of Membership Development Initiatives -- MDI  
Nominators: District governors
Deadline: District governors must receive submissions from clubs by 15 April. RI must receive submission forms from district governors by 15 May.

This district-level certificate recognizes clubs for the development and implementation of a creative plan or strategy to support one of the three primary foundations of membership growth and development: retention, recruitment of qualified new members, or the organization of new Rotary clubs.