Chatted with Ricky last week a little and he wrote back the following...

How r u? Havent talk like forever:(

Its two oclock in the afternoon, we had a day off because of the pouring rain.

Im sitting in front of the computer and watching some news around the world.

Few days ago, i went out with some exchange students from US and Europe.

they are about to go home, we chatted. i felt everything they are experiencing right now

it was just i had been though, time flies by, i can believe two years had passed:(

How is everyone doing in the wasilla sunrise rotary club? hello to all new members in the club!

i missed the breakfast that Polly made. And raisedd my hand for the happy buck time! Even though

it was pretty hard to wake me up on Tuesday morning but whatever. Ray, how are you? Are you having big bucks this few months? Don't just sit on the couch and watching golf forever. haha,

i saw your pic at the party of Dan and Janet's anniversary you look good! still have that charming smile! Glad you are doing well, miss you:) why everyone laugh when i write something about ray?