Dear Fellow Rotarians;

We have a unique opportunity to be part of History and carry on a Legacy.

Rotarians throughout District 5010 have always worked with the limitations of “being on a road system.” So much of what we do dictates air travel based on the few available highways. In the past, a simple move or a change in job assignment often meant losing access to the weekly Club meeting and fellowship so prized by all Rotarians. This resulted in losing many valued Rotarians from our Rotary family. Well not anymore, we are in the throes of forming the first Rotary e-club of District 5010 Alaska –Yukon.

Forming the first e-club of 5010 was a dream of DG Sue Foley.  Always a visionary, Sue believed that an e-club was the answer to both growing our Rotary Family while stopping the “leakage” of those Rotarians who have drifted away for some reason.  As usual, she was right!

So you see friends, this e-club is part of Sue’s legacy.  At our last e-club committee meeting, Sue asked if we could charter the e-club by District Conference.  The committee committed to this, and now we are even more committed to seeing this come to fruition.

We have the critical mass and the momentum but we need your help! We all know former Rotarians who have slipped through the cracks, or the “Friends of Rotary” who have the service above self attitude, but circumstances prevent them from joining a brick and mortar club. Please take just a few minutes and reach out to them, send them the attached admission form or just forward me their information and I’ll reach out to them.

Friends, our window of opportunity is shrinking every day.  If by working together we can eradicate Polio around the world, surely we can work together to recruit 25 Rotarians to make History! By ourselves we are but one, together we are an army that can create miracles.

Please take a few minutes to complete the: Rotary 5010 E-Club Application  or forward this letter to any former or potential Rotarians you believe would be interested in making History. Once you are approved you will be invoiced for the $15.00 application fee and annual dues when applicable.

If you have any questions please call me at 907-355-7934

  Yours in Rotary service,

Marty Metiva

Special Representative to District 5010 e-club