Lt. Ruth Josten, Matcom Dispatch Supervisor has asked us to consider showing appreciation for the men and women who work as 9-1-1 dispatchers locally.  She would like folks to send a short letter or email just to say thank you to the people who are there to answer the call 24-7-365.  See below for details.

I have a special favor to ask of you.  Next week is National Telecommunicators Week and this gives us all a chance to thank our dispatchers for their service.  I thought I knew what their job encompassed and then I received this promotion to manage our communications center.   Last month, they handled 7,000 police incidents, 1,265 9-1-1 calls, and managed 13,459 phone calls for service. This is “routine” for them!   Would you consider asking members of the Rotary to take a minute and mail a simple “Thank you” to Wasilla PD for our dispatchers?    If so, a card would be mailed to my address and I would post it in Matcom.  An email could be sent to me  ( ) and I would print it out and post it.   My dispatchers are a special kind of hero………….every day, around the clock, regardless of weather, holidays, personal illness or extreme chaos.


Thank you for your consideration.


Lt. Ruth Josten

Matcom Dispatch Supervisor

Wasilla Police Department